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Thank you for contacting DR CHOW CHOW. To determine whether our service is fitting with you, we will need some background information from you. The information you provide will allow you to receive the excellent care we offer. 

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Once your referral letter is received by our team member, we will contact to confirm your appointment booking with the pain specialist of the next available appointment.

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Clinic email: info@drchowchow.com


The information provided here is a guide to what is to be expected. There may be variation in what is expected, however, if you have any burning question, feel free to contact DR CHOW CHOW and his team.


This clinic follows the principles of multimodal and multidisciplinary care with focus on safety. Hence the common aims are: Functional restoration, education, reduction of opioid/Narcotic and general pharmacotherapy dependency especially when deemed harmful, and de-medicalisation of complex combinations of pain conditions.
The role of your GP will remain very important for the best outcome. Ultimately the specialist can offer you a number of pain management strategies and it is up to the patient to take the advice on board. The patient will always have the right to other opinions and are encouraged to seek alternative sources of care and referral if they are not satisfied with the care. The specialist reserves the right not to prescribe treatments and drugs that they deem harmful for the patient.


All our staff are trained and dedicated to serve you and you will be treated with courtesy and respect at all times. In return, we ask that you and anyone that you bring with you to the clinic treat our administrative and clinical staff with the same courtesy and respect.

We have a ZERO TOLERANCE approach to any verbal, aggressive and violent abuse and behaviour towards our staff or other patients. We respectfully advise you that abuse and/or violence will not be tolerated.

If a patient or anyone a patient brings with them to the clinic, is abusive, aggressive or violent towards our staff and/or other patients the police will be called and may result in you being removed from our Practice list.


This clinic complies with the Privacy Act (1988).  Your medical record is a confidential document.  It is the Policy of the practice to maintain security of personal health information at all times and ensure that the information is only available to authorised staff members.  Information we collect may be transmitted to other health professionals who need to become involved in your care: specialist, radiologist, pathologist, hospital, physiotherapist and other allied health professionals.  It may also need to be provided for ancillary purposes to entities such as Medicare Australia, other government bodies, investigation agencies, professional bodies such as the Medical Board, doctors of a medical defense organisation and Workers Compensation Insurance companies.  The information may also be used anonymously for purposes of audit and quality assurance.  


All fees have to be paid on the day. In cases where insurance companies refuses to pay for the consultation, patients are fully liable for the fees. Late cancelations and failure to come to an appointment is charged as a full consult to the patient.

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Thank you for your kind referral, please also fax us a copy of patient’s health summary with their current medication and medical history at (02) 8088 7877

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